January, 2023 Updates

WebP Native Support
We have released a new version of theXifer.net app that allows you to edit the metadata contained in any .WebP file.
Before this release it was only possible to convert JPG, PNG and TIFF images to WebP format keeping the EXIF metadata embedded in the source files unchanged.
PDF Native Support
The new release has full support for .PDF file.
We have also integrated specific tags compatible only with the PDF format.
File Conversion System
We have integrated an image conversion system into theXifer.net that allows you to transform files into WebP, JPG and PNG formats.
The conversion process is available both for single file and in batch mode to speed up the conversion of multiple files at the same time.
All conversions are non-destructive and leave the metadata contained in the source files intact.
Therefore all the changes made with the editor in the original file will also be present in any conversions to other formats.
Presets Search Function
The latest release of the tool allows you to search among saved presets in order to make it easier to select the settings to apply during editing.
Brand New Guide
We have updated the editor documentation in order to make it easier to use the app and its built-in functions.
Date Synchronization
The Date Synchronization mode allows you to select a datetime tag and to copy its value to all the other tags of the same type.
The copy operation will be performed for each file individually. So all the datetime tags contained within each file will be uniformed to the same value.
Each of them will be synchronized across all datetime tags without getting the same value for all uploaded files.
If the source tag does not contain a valid datetime value, the processed file will not be modified.
Improvements and bug fixes
We improved the overall usage of the tool and correct minor bugs.